Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to the People's Republic of Canukstan! Just Check Your Free Speech Rights at the Door

Ann Coulter is coming to Canada and panic is breaking out in party apparatchiks in Ottawa. On the Big Government blog Coulter posted the following charming "Welcome to Canukstan" email that she received from the Provost of the University of Ottawa. No longer content to look the other way while student radicals attack conservatives who dare to speak at public events on Canadian campuses, it now appears that cowardly administrators are seeking to be the first to demonstrate against free speech that is insufficiently leftist in content.

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Coulter titles this little post as "Canadian University Provost Wants to Send Me to Jail . . . for a Speech I Haven't Given Yet." Yep, makes you real proud to be a Canadian. At least this isn't (quite) the Soviet Union (yet).

Here is a story on this issue from the National Post. It contains this little tidbit.
"In London, local activist Megan Walker provoked an angry response from conservative sponsors of the pundit's talk after the London Free Press reported that she called Ms. Coulter a "venomous" person who "crosses the line and promotes hatred and violence."
OK, now we know that irony is dead - or at least that the Left is incapable of perceiving it. It is fine to call someone "a venomous person" if you disagree with her views and she is more conservative than you. But if the person is more liberal than you than this would be "hate speech" and would disbar you from being allowed to have any king of public forum. Is that clear?

Oh yeah, clear as crystal. Free speech for leftists, jail for conservatives. That is our definition of a civilized society. Stalin would admire contemporary Canada. Orwell would understand.

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