Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stay-at-Home Mothers: This is What Carolyn Bennett Thinks About Your Calling

From The Hill (via Brigitte Pellerin at ProWoman ProLife). Dr. Carolyn Bennett is the Liberal MP for St. Paul's Riding in Toronto. She said:
""You can have lists as long as your arm," said Ms. Bennett. "Women of Canada want to hear about early learning and child care; that is the key to their economic independence, to be able to get back to school, to get a real job, to be able to go to work.""
So, basically what she is saying amounts to something like: "OK, you lazy soap-opera watching, lay-abouts, why can't you get out there and get a "real job." And stop simpering about missing your baby. Don't you know employers need cheap labor to keep the economy humming?"

I'd have to say that she sounds like a "male chauvinist pig" which, I suppose, would be another term for radical feminist.

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redandhoney said...

Wow. That is one of the saddest, most ignorant, and most offensive things I think I have ever heard. I am indignant, and wish there was an equally heard voice of dissension from such stupidity.

I have an education, and choose to stay at home to raise my child because I consider it to be the most important job in the world. Literally.

Not to mention the fact that if I farmed out my kid to be raised by government-funded daycare and public school, this is the kind of politician that would be influencing his education. Um, no thanks...