Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Informed Wisdom of Youth and the Adolescent Ramblings of a "Senior Statesman"

Gordon MacDonald is supposedly older and wiser but his article on Obamacare is strikingly juvenile and shallow, full of posturing and light on logic. MacDonald should qualify as an older, mature, experienced Evangelical leader with insight that is greater than the norm. But he makes the lamest possible argument for supporting the bill passed on Sunday.

Major Premise: Jesus healed people
Minor Premise: I like Jesus
Conclusion: We should applaud a Trillion dollar bill in which government regulates one-sixth of the world's biggest economy, drives up taxes and creates debt no one knows how to repay.

If you fail to see how the conclusion follows, you are not alone. I really thought all through the article that I would soon come to the part where MacDonald would quote Jesus as saying something like:

Woe to Herod and Pilate and Caesar for their neglect of the people.
For lo, is not health care a right and not a privilege?
I'm busy with religious stuff, now would somebody please organize a march on Caseara to get the government to deal with these crippled people?

I was sure he was going to point me to the passage where Jesus said that the right way to deal with sick people was to vote Democrat. But alas, no such luck. Oh, and he doesn't even mention abortion.

Matthew Anderson, on the other hand, a callow youth by comparison, over at First Thoughts has a thoughtful, detailed, well-argued account of the whole sordid affair entitled "A Final FAQ on Healthcare and Abortion".

Sometimes I can't wait for the next generation to take over.

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