Friday, March 26, 2010

Public Education: A Spiritual Battleground

From the "What is the world coming to?" file, reason #98408 why Christians should seriously consider home schooling. Fox News reports:

"Parents of school children in Seattle are learning a shocking lesson, when it comes to some very important decisions they don't have a say. The mother of a 15-year old girl recently discovered that Ballard High School helped her daughter get an abortion and never informed her.

But it doesn't end there. The school can also send children off campus for mental health care and drug addiction treatment without their parents ever knowing. Supporters say the confidentiality allows teens who are too afraid to tell mom and dad to get necessary treatment.

Parents signed consent forms for off-school treatment thinking it was limited to emergency health care when the parents could not be reached. But the teen health clinics at 14 Seattle schools are about much more. They have a full-time registered nurse, counselor and nursing assistant on hand to help kids with more sensitive issues.

When the 15-year old girl's pregnancy was confirmed, they counseled her on the options. The mother says they encouraged her to have an abortion and not tell her parents. She claims her daughter was told that if she informed her parents they would have to pay for the abortion, otherwise it's free.

The teen clinics are administered by the King County Health Department. Officials say school clinic workers are supposed to encourage girls to include their parents in the decision. They will not comment on the specifics of the case.

As for the fact the girl was called a taxi and transported by herself to a clinic to have her abortion then driven back to finish her school day, officials say that's not unusual. They would not say how many girls have been helped to have an abortion.

Washington State is one of thirteen states that does not have either a parental consent or parental notification law. Girls of any age can obtain an abortion without having to tell a parent.

State lawmakers included mental health care and drug counseling on the list of services kids can get without parental notification."

Is it just me or does everyone else not find this to be beyond creepy? I mean, you send your children to school to learn. You expect the school to teach. You don't expect the school to try to get between you and your child and take your place as moral guide and mentor.

First, the schools said that they couldn't teach traditional morality because they had to be neutral with regard to differing moral systems. But in the blink of an eye, it seems, that moral neutrality has gone right out the window.

Public schools have gone from not being able to teach the Judeo-Christian moral system based in the Ten Commandments to teaching a pagan ethic of the autonomy of the self and the will to power. If it is inconvenient, kill it, even it the "it" is a "he" or a "she." This pagan moral system is every bit as much a morality as the Judeo-Christian morality; it is just different. In fact it is the moral system that characterized the decedent Roman Empire in the time of early Christianity. So why can the school teach one but not the other? It isn't a question of "can't," but rather a question of "won't."

The public schools have fallen into the hands of neo-pagans and they now impose their morality on us. It is time for parents to stand up and demand their rights to raise their own children in their own moral system be respected. The only way this will happen is if the pagans and their liberal Christian fellow-travelers who control the schools are booted out and banned from public education. Christians did this once before in the fourth century and it looks like it is time either to do it again or withdraw from the system. Handing our children over to the tender mercies of pagans is not an option.

Obviously, live and let live doesn't work.

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spiritfilled said...

You remarks are those of a common to persons who believe themselves to be academic elitist. What you call church is the elite who teach the rest. How benevolent you are to include the non-academic elite in your "church" world. Frankly, the whole modern system of clerical teachers of the laity is unchristian. Christians all have the Spirit of Christ and can encourage, edify and correct one another. In your world, talk, that is rhetoric is cheap. It is not uncommon for persons 14 years and older to have the power to consent to medical treatment. The fact that schools have to facilitate this right, when narrow-minded religious parents will not, is not an indication of the take over of schools. It is an indication of parents who will sacrifice children to authoritarian religious systems. I say, good for society to assist children when parents would leave their physical and mental health to the neglect of religious egotist. The same kind of religious egotist who said,"This is the sabbath, let them come for healing on another day."