Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The UK General Election: Vote Labservative

From where I sit, David Cameron's brand of conservatism seems like old-fashioned liberalism tinged with some communitarianism to give it more of a statist flavor. Just saying.

So the "Heir to Blair," Cast Iron Dave himself, deserves what he gets when he structures his whole campaign on a lame attempt to imitate a socialist trying to imitate a conservative. For example, Tony Blair, months after converting to Rome, lectured His Holiness himself about the need to make the Church more (ugly phrase warning!) "gay-friendly." Lame Dave tried his best to follow in his footsteps but all he could do was lecture the Archbishop of Canterbury about the need to make the Church of England more (here it comes again, sorry) "gay friendly." This is sort of like lecturing Al Gore about the need to save polar bears. See what I mean? He is a lame imitation of a professional charlatan and swindler. A rank amateur, but at least he gives it the old college try and that's all the Conservative Party's backers ask. Isn't it?

Having watched John McCain move to the center and drop off a cliff only to make his campaign at least respectable by adding a real conservative (who sounded like that former Conservative leader who was also a female and who was never confused for a socialist) to the ticket, Cameron apparently thought he would follow the strategy all except for the adding a conservative to the ticket part. He thought he would just get some "Cameron Babes" that were cuter than the "Blair Babes."

Ah, well, live and learn. If we are lucky, a hung Parliament will be soon followed by a stung up leader. If not, oh well five more years of socialist utopia. "Anybody here seen my old friend Maggie/Can you tell me where she's gone?"

Labservatives: the party with honest slogans. Go here to see what I mean.

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