Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Stop Teen Sex: A Shocking New Idea

Very often the most effective solutions to the epidemic of teen sex, abortion, STD's etc. are staring us right in the face - so obvious that we don't even think of them. Mary Kochan states to obvious for all of us who need to be reminded of what our grandparents knew very well.
"It’s been about year since the shocking statistics on teen sex were all over the news. But after the wailing and gnashing, the to-hell-in-a-hand basket moaning, and the calls from this sector for more sex education while another sector rails that that is what got us into this mess — then what? After a year to fall into complacency, these latest stats have become the new normal — until another half a decade goes by and we are shocked by even worse statistics.

Here is the statistic I want to see. I want to know how many teens are having sex while their parents watch. I’m going to bet that the percentage is pretty low.

So, I am going to draw the conclusion from these statistics that parents are not watching their kids.

Sometimes when teen pregnancy and/or abortion rates come under discussion, one will hear the observation that teen pregnancy and/or abortion is not really the issue: teen sex is the problem. And one hears and reads all kinds of reasons for this — peer pressure, media pressure, low expectations, low self-esteem, lack of parental communication of higher standards, raging hormones — the list is endless. But even teen sex is not really the issue, because teen sex is a function of lack of supervision."

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I've never seen that stat - the number of teens who have sex while their parents are watching - but I'm pretty sure it's close to the number of parents who have sex while their teens are watching. Parents supervising their children - a terrific idea!

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gonz said...

Adolescence is the stage where our teens tend to experiment on many things. One of those things that they usually experience is sexually acting out. Because of that teen sex occur and since they have less knowledge they can end up with having STD’s and abortion. If only parents can watch their every move then they will surely not end up bad.