Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does Obama's Health Bill Fund Abortion? You Bet Your Boots it Does!

President Obama and the Democrats say "No." They claim that the Senate health reform bill the House is being asked to vote on now is abortion neutral. So why are NOW, Emily's List and NARAL not screaming bloody murder at the betrayal of Obama's promise to ensure federal funding of abortion? The answer is that abortion is in the bill. Thomas Peters explains:

"On the other hand, the non-partisan fact-checking website Politifact.com (besides rating pro-abortion scare language about the Stupak Amendment as being out of bounds) rates this National Right to Life Committee claim as true: “The [Senate] bill “contains provisions that would send massive federal subsidies directly to both private insurance plans and government-chartered cooperatives that pay for elective abortion.”

The NRLC has written up six pro-life reasons to oppose the Senate language, which are made even worse in the President’s latest proposal, up to and including allowing for abortions in about 1,250 Community Health Centers."

Obama is beginning to take a run at Bill Clinton's record as the most slippery, duplicitous, deceitful lying Democratic president in history. Matching Slick Willy would be quite a feat, but it seems that Obama is up for it. And this is being tolerated by liberals who screamed themselves blue over George Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Nobody is defending Bush, but what a double standard.

Kathleen Sebilius, Obama's Catholic pro-abortion Secretary of of Health and Human Services, sort of lets the cat out of the bag in the following clip. She is reassuring wavering pro-abortion supporters that "Wink, wink, Don't worry, We've got this one covered."

The measure of the brazen cynicism of the Democrats is seen here as she somehow expects people to be happy that the government is not funding the health care - they are! Any person in one of these plans has to pay for his or her neighbor's abortion by virtue of being in the plan. And that is supposed to make up for the fact that tax dollars didn't pay for it? Do they think the American people are complete idiots?

They are fooling no one who does not long to be fooled. I wonder how Tony Campolo, Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren feel now after having assured Evangelicals that if they voted for Obama they could influence him toward a moderate stand on abortion. How long has it been since you heard about "abortion reduction?" You won't hear about it - until the next campaign when it is time to crank up the deception machine once again.


Gordon Hackman said...

I honestly wonder if people like Wallis, McLaren, et al. even care about abortion at all anymore. I frequently get the impression that abortion is a passe' issue with the new progressive evangelical crowd.

Craig Carter said...

If you are right, (and I can't really dispute it), it is just one more example of how they have left their Evangelical roots behind. I just wish they would stop trying to cash in on those roots.