Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kick Your Friends, Hug Your Enemies - That is How to Have a Happy Neighbourhood

On her visit to Canada, Hillary Clinton continues the world's strangest foreign policy - in which the US bows to foreign potentates and makes nice to dictators from Tehran to Caracus, while treating its main allies with disdain including the UK, Poland and now Canada. From today's Toronto Star:
"Hillary Clinton was openly critical of Canada’s organization of an Arctic meeting, skipped a news conference on the topic with Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon and then went on national television to appeal to Canadians to stay in Afghanistan.

After all that, Canadian officials might have been excused if they woke up Tuesday wondering what the U.S. Secretary of State might do for an encore on the second day of her Canadian visit.

Turns out she had one more pot to stir, telling a Gatineau meeting of G8 foreign ministers that any initiative to improve maternal health – Ottawa’s signature global project this year – must include abortions, an option the Conservative government has tried to avoid."
She is way nicer to the Mullahs trying to build an atomic bomb with which to nuke Israel. We peaceful Canadians aren't doing anything to hurt anybody. There is a lesson somewhere here, let me see what is it? Of course, I got it. We should announce that we are building nuclear weapons and missiles that can reach every blue state in the union. Then we can be best pals again.

Insult your friends and overlook the failings of your enemies: this is how the Obama administration thinks you restore the reputation of the US after the George Bush years? Obama already has parts of Europe missing Bush and pretty soon his arrogance is going to convince his allies that there is absolutely no advantage to helping out the US when the US comes calling.

Maybe Obama doesn't care because he wants to reduce American military power and adopt an isolationist stance anyway. So he thinks he doesn't need allies. Well, that is a frightening and naive posture to adopt. It was already tried before and didn't work out so well - you know that whole Pearl Harbor thing.

But there is one more thing I want to point out about Clinton's fanatical, zealous, ideologically driven, Liberal Protestant need to promote Molech worship everywhere she goes.
"You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health and reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortions,” Clinton said Tuesday.

“I do not think governments should be involved in making these decisions. It is perfectly legitimate for people to hold their own personal views based on conscience, religion or any other basis. But I’ve always believed that the government should not intervene in decisions of such intimacy,” she said."

Now even by Clinton standards this is an astonishingly self-contradictory piece of dissimulation. First she says that government should not be involved in making abortion related decisions. Than she says that it should be government policy to fund abortions, rather than actual maternal health care, in foreign aid. And to top it off, the government making the decision to fund abortion in a poor African country, for example, should not be the African country's government but the rich Western country's government.

This is imperialistic, colonialist, eugenic thinking by a proud recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award. Disgusting . . . even for a Clinton.


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penny farthing said...

Ever since Obama gave Gordon Brown a lame set of DVDs (region 1 DVDs!), I've shuddered every time he or anyone in his administration talks to any of our allies. They're arrogant and abusive, and it makes America look as bad as he thinks it is. I really don't think it's an accident.

As an American, I feel like it's a slap in the face, since he's not representing our country well, and I can't imagine how the people in the countries he's insulting must feel. If he thought Bush was arrogant and dismissive and pushy, he sure has a funny way of trying to fix it.