Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Left Hates Women - You Want Proof? Here's Proof

Here is a video summary of recent liberal attacks on women whose only fault is that they dare to question the liberal bias of the mainstream media. The video is produced by the Media and Culture Institute and you can read about their Top Ten liberal smears here, including information about how the Toronto Star thinks it is just fine for one of its columnists to call for the shooting of black, conservative, media pundit, Michelle Malkin.

Imagine what would happen if one of its columnists called for the assassination of Barack Obama. Then imagine what they would have said if Barack Obama was a conservative Republican and someone joked about how he should be shot. What would the Star say then? What they think it is OK to say about a black, conservative, woman political commentator is a good clue. Liberal hypocrisy is rank hypocrisy.

This video highlights just five of the Top Ten Liberal Media Smears:

Do I want such hate speech banned? No, I think it is good for people to hear exactly what the Left wing media says about outspoken, conservative women because it makes it impossible for informed people to give any credence to their self-appointed status as "spokespersons" for women. The Left is the legitimate voice for women in the same sense as Mahmoud Amadinejad is the legitimate voice of Jews.

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