Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Pro-life Poster: Brilliant!


NathanColquhoun said...

Wow. That is the kind of statement that is a great commentary on culture. Great find.

Craig Carter said...

Well, Nathan, can you direct me to the Environmentalist groups that are pro-life? Greenpeace? World Wildlife Federation? David Suzuki? The IPCC?

I thought not.

They deserve to be skewered for placing concern for seals above concern for human beings.

the lovely kaelyn said...

I really wish people stopped turning abortion into sinister act taken lightly. I am thankful for a healthcare system where women are not forced into back-street clinics where they are at risk of hemorrhage, infection, death, etc. People are quite misinformed if they think an abortion is an easy choice, an easy alternative to carrying a pregnancy to term. As a midwife who provides counseling to women on the topic, it infuriates me when people with religious agendas claim to have an understanding on the topic. How about you mind your own business and lay off!

Craig Carter said...

Dear Lovely,
You can support murder if you want but those of us who oppose murder will never, never back off.

You don't need a religious agenda to oppose abortion: just common sense and a conscience.

Adam Naranjo said...

If a women wants to kill her child she deserves a back-street clinic where she is at risk of hemorrhage, infection, and death.

You're damn right than an abortion is a difficult choice. It's as difficult as deciding to murder someone.

It's not difficult to understand.

Gordon Hackman said...

The comments by lovely kaelyn read like a condensation of every silly and empty cliche that one typically hears from the prochoice crowd.

It's so strange to me how prochoice people can't see the contradiction in saying that they are glad legalized abortion doesn't put women at risk of death, when the risk of death for the infant, who is by any reasonable account a human being just like the woman, is pretty much 100%.

Naomi said...

Oh, there are so many things I would love to say about this poster and what is says about our society. There isn't space enough but I will say this - how utterly depraved are we when we care more about inanimate objects than our own flesh and blood.