Saturday, March 27, 2010

Christians Beware: Earth Hour is a Religious Event for Neo-pagans Only

Earth Hour is the brainchild of the WWF, the wealthy, eco-fascist organization that is officially anti-human. Don't let yourself get sucked in by peer pressure. This stunt is designed to make people believe in Global Warming and assuage their artificial eco-guilt. It is not for Christians who actually do care about the environment and who actually do something about pollution, which is ignored by the WWF and the Global Warming alarmists.

Damian Thompson of the Daily Telegraph urges everyone to "beat the Earth Hour fascists and turn on your lights now."

Andrea Mrozek at ProWoman ProLife says: "Be thankful for our wealth and prosperity. Don’t waste it. But don’t join the dark side this earth hour, either. Join me in turning many lights on, in thankfulness for the wealth I have and can share with others less fortunate."

Today's National Post editorial says:


penny farthing said...

Um, during Earth Hour, I was watching Fox News, and reading on the internet... oops. Besides, you know what? I turn off unnecessary lights when I'm not in the room - to save money! How capitalist of me.... It bothers me that these trendy green people need to make a statement, instead of being thrifty.

Craig Carter said...

I turn off lights too usually. But I just made an exception for that one hour.