Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Abortion and Other Forms of Contraception" - Bob Rae

The pro-abortion extremism of the Liberal Party of Canada was on full display yesterday as they cynically attempted to force the Government of Canada into adopting a policy to force abortion on poor countries as the price of receiving aid designed to improve maternal health.

For weeks now Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff has been telling anyone who will listen that the best way to deal with too many poor people in the Third World is to shove abortion on them and let them kill their babies. This is "compassion" liberal style. What a travesty for a supposedly enlightened and progressive politician.

Now we have former NDP'er Bob Rae making a motion to take money away from real efforts to improve maternal health for poor women and spend it on abortion instead. And the motion failed. Now Ignatieff has egg on his face and the liberal caucus is split instead of the Government being embarrassed. Good stuff. This is from the Globe and Mail. Note the quotation of Rae in (my) bolding.
"Liberal attempts to ignite muffled anti-abortion sentiment on Conservative benches and foster doubts about the social policies of Prime Minister Stephen Harper have been foiled from within.

A motion by Liberal MP Bob Rae demanding that the government’s maternal and child health initiative for the world’s poorest regions include “the full range of reproductive health options” was defeated by a vote of 144-138 yesterday when three Liberal MPs – all long-time opponents of abortion – voted against it.

The Tories immediately pounced on the result, saying it shows Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff does not have control of his own caucus.

There was much talk during the day about the wording of the motion, which did not specifically reference abortion. The New Democrats said that was a capitulation to the dissent within Liberal ranks.

Liberal MP Paul Szabo, who voted against the motion, told that he was caught off-guard by the topic of the motion, which, he said, was not raised at the party caucus meeting.

“I am a pro-life MP,” said Mr. Szabo, “ and there are many of my colleagues in the Liberal caucus who will protect the unborn in their decisions as parliamentarians, and should matters come before the House, they will continue to act accordingly.”

Mr. Rae said the party understands that it is not up to Canada to dictate the reproductive policies of other countries.

But, he told reporters, the Conservative government must make clear whether it intends to cut off funding to those international development groups that fund and facilitate abortion and other forms of contraception."

This is how Bob Rae thinks? He sees abortion as such a trivial matter that it is just another form of contraception? He can't distinguish between preventing a pregnancy and killing an unborn child? Does this mean he thinks abortion as a means of birth control is perfectly fine by him? Oh, yes, this is the great advocate of women's rights who has never been able to bring himself to condemn gendercide? What a piece of work.

The same Globe and Mail article rightly suggest the Liberal transparently cynical motivations in all of this and concern for mothers does not enter into it.

"Liberal Party polling has previously shown that abortion is an extremely powerful issue, one that is a game changer for many Canadians, especially women.

A Canadian Press/Harris-Decima survey released yesterday indicates 74 per cent of Canadians believe Mr. Harper’s plan to champion maternal and child health in developing countries should include government funding for contraception. But respondents were almost evenly split as to whether the initiative should include funding for abortion services, with 48 per cent opposed and 46 per cent in favour."

The Liberal motion also specifically mentioned the "right-wing policies of George W. Bush" in a blatant attempt to criticize the US and link Stephen Harper to George Bush's policies. They are just trying to use abortion (about which they have no moral convictions) as a wedge issue to swing a small demographic of feminist voters their way in the next election. I predict it will backfire just like yesterday's vote did.

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Peter W. Dunn said...

To my knowledge, the exporting of a pro-abortion agenda in the Third World is about as popular as the exportation of homosexual rights. It's viewed as extension of colonialism. So Ignatief is wanting Canada to export death and this is viewed as tyrannical and genocidal by poor countries. Are these people never able to escape the tiny cocoon of their puny little world view?