Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Socialist Logic and Feminist Progress

From Andrea Mrozek at ProWoman ProLife comes this hilarious exchange overheard on Parliament Hill after Hillary Clinton's visit to Ottawa yesterday:
Question: Mr. Rae, Secretary of State Clinton said just moments ago that the government’s maternal health plan – she panned it saying it should include contraception, it should include abortion. How do you read into that?

Bob Rae: Well, a government that’s controlled by a neo-conservative agenda is not – in today’s world not going to be able to fashion a serious consensus either with the Europeans or with the Americans. … These guys have been labouring under an illusion that somehow if you bring in a neo-con agenda that’s going to prove interesting to countries like the United Kingdom and France and Germany and the United States which have been at this very important work on maternal health for a long time. …this is the consequence of having an administration in Canada that has an agenda that’s out of step with most other countries in the world.

Question: But the fact that it was the Secretary of State though, does that add extra weight in your mind?

Bob Rae: No kidding. The Secretary of State of the United States, of course it adds weight. …

Question: The Secretary of State also says thought that Canada should stay in Afghanistan in a military mission. Do you think they should follow that advice?

Bob Rae: Of course not. …

Ah well, if, as they say, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, then Bob Rae's mind must be as vast as the ocean. Must be Socialist logic. . .

On another note, it sure is a good thing we now have women politicians. When it used to be only men politicians all we heard about was men politicians talking about killing and war. Now it is different. Now we have women politicians talking about killing and war. This, my friends, is feminist "progress."

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