Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Bird and Snuffaluffagus

This absolutely hilarious comment by Jonah Goldberg in The Corner on David Brooks' recent column on Obama (which I panned on this blog) is just priceless. Let him set it up:
"David Brooks has written another column insisting that he knows the real Barack Obama and the partisans on both sides of the culture political war are too locked into their positions and ghettoized worldviews to see the man as he really is. The column combines two recurring themes of Brooks's (1) The culture war should just go away and (2) Obama is the only reasonable guy in town. But he takes it to a new level by lamenting how unsensible the country is:

In a sensible country, people would see Obama as a president trying to define a modern brand of moderate progressivism. In a sensible country, Obama would be able to clearly define this project without fear of offending the people he needs to get legislation passed. But we don’t live in that country. We live in a country in which many people live in information cocoons in which they only talk to members of their own party and read blogs of their own sect. They come away with perceptions fundamentally at odds with reality, fundamentally misunderstanding the man in the Oval Office.

Brooks is turning out to be like Big Bird to Obama's Snuffaluffagus! He's the only one who can see the real Obama and nobody believes him."

Oh, how I wish I had said that!

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