Saturday, March 27, 2010

Abrahamism: An Idea You Need to Understand in Order to Understand Contemporary Europe

Bat Ye'or, in Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, explains:
"Abrahamism" is a notion that totally denies the historical identity and origin of Judaism and Christianity, since it reduces them to falsifications of Islam, the true religion of Abraham. Today, any reference to Europe's Christian sources - not to mention its Judeo-Christian roots - has been omitted from the EU Constitution on "secular" grounds, but mainly so as not to offend Muslim immigrants.

Moreover, Judaism and Israel tend to generate such hate that many European politicians have gladly rallied to Abrahamism. By this reasoning Christianity is no longer related to Judaism but to Islam, the first religion of mankind which antedates, in the Islamic view, the other two monotheistic religions. The biblical personages depicted in European churches and artwork are Jewish, and there is a direct filiation of Christianity from Judaism. However, this is not so according to Islamic doctrine. Islam teaches that the whole biblical story is a history of Muslim prophets - including Jesus, his family and the apostles, who all preached and practiced Islam. church iconography and stained glass windows are thus considered to recall in a distorted way a sacred history that is properly Qur'anic. Christianity is not linked to Judaism but to Islam. Since Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon, and all the prophets of Israel down to Jesus, are seen to be Muslims, Islam becomes the first monotheist religion, preceeding Judaism and Christianity." (pp. 173-4)
This explains a lot about Europe today. Secularism is just a half way house; it is not the endgame. At a moment in history when Christian Supercessionism has been overcome, it is highly ironic that a new and much more dangerous form of Islamic Supersessionism has become so prominent in Europe.

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