Monday, April 25, 2011

Will We Have a Socialist Prime Minister in Canada Within Weeks?

No one saw this coming. With a week to go, Canada stands in mortal danger of electing a socialist prime minister dedicated to wild spending on every left-wing special interest group imaginable.

The National Post and Globe and Mail are both reporting on new polling numbers released today that show that the socialist NDP has, for the first time ever, passed the Liberal Party and now stands in second place. The Conservatives have dipped a bit and are projected to win a reduced number of seats (around 130) and the NDP may win up to 100 with half coming from Quebec. The Bloc is dropping into oblivion and could win as few as 14 seats.

But it is the Liberal Party of Canada that is in shocking shape. Michael Ignatief, the Liberal leader, has been campaigning from the left in this election and voters have apparently bought his ideas (i.e. billions of dollars in spending promises) but concluded that the NDP is a more credible party for implementing them.

If the current numbers held, the NDP would end up with 95-100 seats, the Liberals with 65-70 and the Conservatives with approximately 130-135. In our Parliamentary system the party with the most seats gets to try to form a government first. If it fails because no party has a majority and it cannot find a coalition partner, then one of the other parties might be allowed to try. And so, if the NDP got the support of the Liberals, then Jack Layton would become Prime Minister. The Bloc would not be part of the coalition, but it would have 50-60 seats from Quebec in it.

What would this mean for government policy?

1. Well, for starters, the NDP, never thinking it would ever have a chance at power, has made expensive spending promises to every left-wing special interest groups imaginable - 29.5 billion dollars worth in fact. This has the making of a fiscal disaster.

2. NDP foreign policy would shift to outright and blatant support for those forces working for the destruction of the State of Israel. Radical Islamists everywhere would relax and watch the Canadian government throw Israel under the bus and loosen ties with the US on many issues.

3. The NDP is full of true believers in global warming and the new environmentalist religion - pantheistic Marxism. An NDP government would likely work to reduce Canada to third world living conditions while transferring as much wealth as possible to the UN, third world socialist leaders and the big corporations which stand ready to profit from cap and trade.

4. On social issues, euthanasia would be pushed and maybe become legal during the life of an NDP-Liberal coalition government. There would be no chance of limiting or eliminating the Orwellian-named "Human Rights Commissions" that do so much to limit human rights, especially free speech.

Is there any hope of averting this catastrophe?

The only potentially silver lining in this situation is the fact that the polling numbers became public with a week to go. That may give Canadians time to sit back and think twice as to whether or not they really want to elect a socialist party to power.

If the Conservatives respond with hard-hitting attack ads targeting the radical agenda of the NDP and ask Canadians if a radical shift in fiscal policy is wise at this time, they may succeed in stopping the momentum. But they also need centrist Liberal voters to shift Conservative in hopes of stopping the NDP. This may present an opportunity for a Conservative majority by destroying the Liberal Party with its left wing going NDP and its right wing going Conservative. We just have to hope that the Liberal vote collapses in Ontario, especially in the GTA.

But nobody knows at this point. We are truly in uncharted waters.

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