Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Takes From Here and There

Because I don't have time to blog about everything that I find interesting, here are some quick takes from here and there . . .

Go here to vote on the nominees for this week's "New Tone Nominees for the Week of April 9-16. Chris Matthews gets my vote.

If an Evangelical had said this, the Left would be screaming about Theocracy, the Inquisition and Crusades.

Charles Lewis says that Secularists could learn a lesson in tolerance from the Sisters of Life.

On the Global Warming Alarmism Prediction Watch, Repair Man Jack wants to know where those 50 million global warming refugees forecast for 2010 are anyway. If Hal Lindsey is discredited because his predictions of the Second Coming happening within a generation of the founding of the State of Israel didn't come true, will the Church of Global Warming - High Priest Al Gore - be held accountable for its apocalyptic predictions that fail to come true?

Bill Ayers still isn't sorry about being a domestic terrorist in the 1960s. Here him explain why to Larry Elders here. Joke: What is the difference between the 9/11 terrorists and Bill Ayers? Technical competence.

Sun News Network signed on for the first time yesterday promising "hard news and straight talk." Word is that they don't want to be known as "Fox News North." Instead they want Fox News to be known as "Sun News South."

Now the nanny state is getting downright mean. New York State says that games at summer camps like "Capture the Flag," "Kickball," "Red Rover" and "Freeze Tag" are "dangerous." Seriously. But as with all government regulations, you don't need to worry because: "There will be flexibility in how the law is implemented." I feel better, don't you?

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