Monday, April 4, 2011

Appeaement Never Works: Free Speech is Basic to Western Culture

Western cultural elites do not understand what they are dealing with in radical Islam. They actually think appeasement will bring peace and good will. Appeasement does not work with fanatical, political movements that reject Christianity and Western principles of morality and justice. Appeasement only encourages and emboldens those who already think the West is so weak and hapless that a few good kicks will knock the entire structure down.

Rob Taylor writes in "The West Must Not Trade Free Speech for Islamic 'Good Will'":

In a stunning act of bipartisan moral cowardice, Harry Reid told the world that he’s considering a “probe” into the Florida pastor who burned a copy of the Koran, while Lindsey Graham announced his belief that Americans should give up their First Amendment rights to avoid offending Muslims. The irony that this shameful display happened on a show called “Face the Nation” was lost on the spineless appeasers who lack the dignity to feel ashamed when surrendering to barbarians thousands of miles away. In the wake of savages rioting in Afghanistan, two of our senior lawmakers are advocating the implementation of Shariah-like laws to protect one religious document above all others.

And what would we get in return? The “good will” of the Muslim street? The same “good will” displayed when Palestinians–who live off U.S. aid–danced in the streets after 9/11?
Why should we even want the "good will" of those who believe we are only fit to be their servants? How can rational bargaining with such irrational fanatics ever work? Or have we given up already? Are we merely managing our own decline? In many parts of Europe this is undoubtedly the case, but the US is too young and vigorous to give up now. I have to believe that America can do better than the likes of Harry Reid and Lindsey Graham.

Hopefully the Tea Party will take away Graham's Republican nomination next time around and after 2012 Harry Reid will no longer control the Senate. Will they be replaced by people who will stand up for freedom, justice and peace? Or will servile appeasers continue to multiply? We shall see.

Just to be absolutely clear: I repudiate as distasteful and unnecessary the burning of Korans. If all Reid and Graham said was that they abhor such and action and condemn Terry Jones, I would have no problem with that whatsoever. But when they are ready to take away American liberties and restrict free speech in order to placate violent, extremist, Fascists, then I have more of a problem with them than I do with either Terry Jones or the Islamofascists. Reid and Graham are United States Senators. They, at least, ought to know better.

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