Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick Takes From Here and There

Stuff You Can't Make Up
Meet Kim Il Jong's answer to Baghdad Bob. Only Jimmy Carter could visit an antiquated Stalinist dictatorship and find a way to blame America for the suffering of its people.

Just so you know, it is now politically incorrect to call companion animals "pets." I think it is still OK to call your hubby your "pet," but don't quote me on that.

The Canadian Election
Stephen Harper rightly warns that the realistic alternative to a majority Conservative government is a socialist-dominated coalition. Are Canadians really going to stampede off this cliff?

Lorne Gunter is keeping the faith. Let's hope he is right.

Bay Street is nervous about the NDP surge. Now why do you suppose that would that be?

Obama's Re-election Bid
Deal Hudson and Matt Smith explain why Obama is facing some challenges with regard to Catholic voters this time around. Was any of this not entirely predictable and, indeed, predicted?

It's doubtful this will help with the Catholic vote - or the Evangelical vote or any of the Christian vote at all.

Having called a press conference to release his birth certificate, Obama proceeded to scold the media for being distracted by "silliness" and "sideshows" before having to leave early to be on Oprah.

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