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Is Worldwide Anti-Semitism as Bad Today as it Was in the 1930s?

The growing anti-Zionist, anti-Israel rage is fueling the ancient plague of Jew hatred that is the disease of the human spirit which refuses to be stamped out.

In the 1930s people were convinced that Jewish bankers pulled the strings and manipulated the world for their own financial gain. The Left contended that powerful Jews and Capitalists conspired against the masses. Today the powerful state of Israel has taken the place of the powerful Jewish bankers in the fetid imagination of the Jew haters. This way of thinking allows them to claim not to hate individual Jews per se, but only to be concerned about the Bankers/Zionists who have money, power and influence. Basically, anti-Semites resent Jews having any power whatsoever and think that, if they are allowed to live, it should be in ghettos and with severe restrictions that keep them down. So it seems justified to them to resent it when Jews get uppity and dare to fight back against prejudice, hate and marginalization.

Today, the world-wide campaign conducted by the Left and Islam against the State of Israel is so successful that the media is biased, the European Union is almost completely anti-Israel and even Great Britain, which once, when Christianity was more influential in that country, was Israel's greatest friend, has now turned against Israel.

Here is a typical news story from Reuters headlined: "Israeli air strike kills two Hamas men in Gaza." I want to make some comments in [square brackets in red.]
[First, we cannot let the title go by without comment. Notice that they are "Hamas men" not "terrorists" or "extremists" or "child killers" - all of which would be more accuarate as we shall see.]

An Israeli air strike killed two militants from the Islamist group Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday as a fresh spike in cross-border violence continued for a second day. [And notice that the story leads with Israel's action as if it were not a response to an extreme provocation. The story does not say Israel's action was unprovoked; it doesn't have to when it can subtly imply this by the way it sets up the narrative.]

A Palestinian group said it fired two rockets into Israel around dawn and Israeli shelling also wounded two Hamas militants on a patrol.

The Israeli military said it had "identified two terrorist squads from Hamas" and had hit them from the ground and air.

Two years of low-level skirmishing on the border escalated suddenly last month when the Islamist Hamas group which rules Gaza fired a barrage of rockets at Israel, triggering a surge of fighting which killed 16 Palestinians. [Note the moral equivalence implied by the term "skirmishing." A more accurate way of describing it would be two years of Hamas attacks on Israel and Israeli attempts to prevent further attacks.]

Analysts in Gaza said Hamas wanted to bolster its claim to leadership of the divided Palestinian national movement and divert attention from popular demands -- fueled by the 'Arab Spring' -- for an end to the split with its Fatah rivals.

But it had miscalculated Israel's response. [Again, without saying so explicitly, the subtle implication is that Israel's response was extreme or overdone. "Who could have expected such a harsh response?" is the implication.]

That spurt of violence subsided, but fighting flared again on Thursday when Hamas gunmen fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli school bus, wounding two. [At last, halfway into the story we come to the real source of Israel's response. These murderous, evil, inhuman, thugs deliberately targeted a school bus. This is a war crime; it should be condemned as such by the UN, the EU, the US and the entire world. It should prompt international outrage and serious retaliation against Hamas - boycotts, loss of aid, etc. But the silence is deafening. Only Israel cares. Only Israel responds to protect innocent school children. After all, they are just Jews.] Israel retaliated with planes and armored forces, killing five Palestinians. [How could they be so restrained? This type of crime deserves a much more serious response.]

Hamas took responsibility for the bus attack, [They are proud of it! And they obviously, with good reason, expect no significant repercussions internationally.] and an Israeli analyst said it was plainly smarting from recent setbacks, including an April 2 Israel airstrike that killed three Gazans, and which it had vowed to avenge.

But firing a long-range anti-tank weapon at a clearly marked yellow school bus may have been a further miscalculation. [A "miscalculation"? This is the best Reuters can do? A "miscalculation"?]

"Red lines were crossed," Tal Russo, head of Southern Command, said on Israeli army radio. [The only moral language in this article comes in quotes of Israelis.]

The United Nations and European Union on Friday voiced concern over the rising tensions and called on the sides to show restraint and bring an end to the latest round of fighting. [Here is the pernicious "moral equivalence" again. The murderer slashing the victim's throat and the policeman's attempt to arrest the criminal are both morally equivalent. That is how they see it. Killing terrorist murders and shooting a missile at a school bus - exactly the same thing. So both sides need to be addressed in exactly the same way.]


Minister of Home Front Defense Matan Vilnai said Israel was locked in a "war of attrition" with Hamas.

"We are taking the proper steps, defensively and offensively. Yesterday, without a doubt, there was a serious deviation with the missile fire on the (school) bus," Vilnai told Army Radio.

He declined to say if operations were ceasing.

Gaza militants on Thursday fired 45 rockets and mortars into Israel. Israeli forces struck targets throughout the densely populated territory, including Hamas positions, smuggling tunnels along the border with Egypt and Gaza's derelict airport.

Five Palestinians were killed and 30 others were injured.

Hamas has again said it was interested in restoring "calm" to the front and was trying to get smaller militant groups to halt attacks. [And Reuters just takes Hamas' word for it? School bus attackers are agents of restraint? It is Hamas the peace-loving freedom fighters try to calm down the wild, extremists in the IDF, I guess.] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would take all necessary action to protect its citizens, but that he hoped the "situation will be contained."

During Thursday's barrage, Israel used for the first time its short-range Iron Dome interceptor. Its missiles destroyed in mid-flight a rocket heading for the city of Ashkelon.

Vilnai said Israel will consider deploying further Iron Dome systems near Gaza to join the two that are currently stationed there, but hinted at budgetary restraints.

Hamas, which does not recognize Israel's right to exist, seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007 from forces loyal to Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The two wings of the Palestinian national movement remain enemies.

(Reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi and Ari Rabinovitch; editing by Douglas Hamilton and Paul Taylor)

This article is typical. Such articles appear in the world press every day. And that is the measure of how biased the media is against Israel. The fact that these kind of articles, which portray Israel as being as guilty as Hamas, are common reveals the bias.

By the way, the idea that the "occupied territories" are the reason for the conflict is obviously untrue. All these rockets being fired into Israel now are coming from the Gaza Strip. Israel occupied the Gaza Strip and then unilaterally withdrew from it. So problem solved, right? Wrong. The issue is not the "occupied territories" but rather the existence of Israel. Nothing will satisfy the Islamofascists other than the destruction of Israel and, preferably, the genocide of all Jews.

And even, they will not be happy. They will simply turn all the resources, funding, weapons, fanaticism and energy into the Jihad against the West. Europe will be the next battleground. For the Islamofascists, Spain is as much part of the territory of Islam as Israel is. And Iran will soon have nuclear tipped missiles that can reach European capitals.

As always, Jews are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to human rights. Fighting anti-Semitism is the right thing to do in any case, but it is also in today's world a matter of enlightened self-interest for Westerners. Unfortunately, in order to act according to enlightened self-interest one first has to be enlightened. So until the West wakes up from its dark, nihilistic dreaming, it will continue to slide toward destruction. History repeats itself and the consequences for Europe and the world will be as horrifying as those of the early 1940s.

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