Monday, April 4, 2011

Trudeau, Obama and Ignatieff

I have two further thoughts on the previous post on Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

First, having had a quick peek at the Liberal Party platform and having listened to Michael Ignatieff, I would say that if he is elected Prime Minister we will have the second coming of Trudeau. Ignatieff is a welfare state, high tax, big government liberal who would love to undo the progress made in Canada over the past 20 years toward fiscal sanity.

Never in recent memory has an election presented such a sharp contrast in ideology. The Conservatives are basically a moderate, slightly right-of-center party, while the current version of the Liberal Party is slightly to the right of the NDP - very slightly. If the Conservatives do not attain a majority this time, there will likely be a coalition of liberals, socialists and separatists and then the progress of the past two decades will be rolled back and the Sixties will break out all over again. Shudder!

Second, my American readers might want to do some comparisons of Frum's description of Trudeau and Obama. They parallels are almost eerie until you realize that both are products of the same 60s, New Left, postmodern, politically correct intellectual milieu. The question is whether Obama will do as much damage to America as Trudeau did to Canada. One prays that he will not.

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