Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Left Keeps on Attacking Trig Palin and Proving How Depraved They Actually Are

Yet again, a left-wing website has attacked one of the Palin children. This time it is baby Trig, the Downs boy who recently turned one and the culprit was the left-wing site Wonkette, which mocked Trig hatefully and cruelly.

But this time outraged conservatives used Twitter and other forms of social media to turn up the heat on sponsors of this website. According to The Daily Beast:

Starting with Papa John’s Pizza, the companies began to run. It grew from there. As of Friday afternoon, the list was 30-some strong, and includes brands like Huggies, Vanguard Group, Nordstrom, Bob Evans, and StarKist Charlie—the tuna mascot. [See the list of Wonkette’s remaining advertisers.]

As the outrage gained steam on Wednesday afternoon, Stuef updated the original post with an apology, but later Wonkette’s Layne made the decision to pull the post entirely.

Both actions would come too late. The group wasn’t stopping until every one of Wonkette’s advertisers had left, and they were dedicated to posting the proof—screenshots of the company’s tweets like the pixilated scalps of fallen brands.

“I’m flabbergasted,” writes Nolte when asked about the effectiveness of the campaign over email. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Moe Lane at Red State has a good analysis of this whole incident:

It’s actually very entertaining to watch The Daily Beast try to offer a ‘balanced’ look at the Trig Palin situation. The short version of said [situation], for those who missed it: one of Wonkette’s more unhinged writers said a variety of disgusting things about Trig Palin; and in response, the Internet took Wonkette out into the alley and administered a curb-stomping made all the more entertaining by the obvious, nervous need of various liberals to join in. The Left is starting to realize just how bad Trig Trooferism looks, you see. The not totally brain-dead portions of it don’t want this issue getting any more press any more, particularly since it will complicate any sort of ‘look at the crazy Birthers’ narrative. So… suppress the Trig Troofers now, and keep them suppressed.

Which is the primary reason for The Daily Beast’s damage control efforts, of course. You see, The Daily Beast recently hired Andrew Sullivan away from, and Andrew Sullivan is easily the most notorious Trig Troofer out there.

Read it all here.

Can you believe that the Left spent three weeks lecturing and hectoring conservatives about civility after the tragic shooting of Gaby Giffords? They were so sure that the key to avoiding violence was civility and maintaining an elevated "tone." I guess that three weeks was as long as they could keep up the pretense.

As of Apr. 16, Paul Krugman of the New York Times entitled his blog post: "Civility is the Last Refuge of Scoundrals." I'm reminded of the Communist Parties in various countries routinely doing 180 degree u-turns in the the Cold War era according to the latest orders from Moscow. The Left is capable of contradicting itself routinely in its propaganda. It doesn't seem to bother them since they have a view of truth that is, shall we say, flexible.

It is really funny except when it is disgusting.

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