Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Joe Scarborough Calls on Obama to Apologize for Attacking Bush for Doing Exactly What Obama is Now Doing

Joe Scarborough may be running for the Republicans in the next election. I don't know that but he went after Bush this morning on Morning Joe in a way the Obama worshipers are not used to hearing. Either he is laying the foundation for a run in a Republican Party that has moved to the right since the last time he was in office or else he is the most principled man on television.

Either way, it looks good on him. I found this to be the most entertaining 14 minutes of television I've seen in a long time. Obama attacked Bush and Cheney as un-American subverters of the Constitution and attacked their motives, their character and their commitment to the "most cherished values" of America. Then, in his first week in office he invited in the cameras and made a hugely smug, self-righteous production out of signing an Executive Order to close Guantanamo Bay within a year. Then he ran into reality, the majority opinion of the American people and the Congress and he found out that giving enemy combatants the constitutional rights of American citizens and putting American citizens at risk in a show trial in New York City was not feasible.

Obama is a radical leftist who tries to pose as a centrist to fool that portion of the people which can be fooled all the time. But this time he got carried away playing to his anti-war, anti-American base. And now he looks like a shallow empty suit.

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The Obama worshipers couldn't stand to listen to 14 minutes of criticism of Obama, but Bush and Cheney had to listen to 8 years of having their character called into question. And Bush has been so magnificent in retirement absolutely refusing to criticize Obama. He has turned the other cheek even though Obama has taken every possible opportunity to bash Bush unfairly and fairly. It is not getting to the point where even if you didn't like Bush's policies, you must be beginning to feel some sympathy for him. If not sympathy for Bush, at least you must be beginning to get a sick feeling every time to old predictable "Bush was evil and caused all our problems" line is trotted out one more time.

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