Monday, October 11, 2010

Too Upsetting to Be Seen? The Double Standard of the Left

In an earlier post I discussed the horrifying eco-fascist snuff film which featured blowing up school children in the most graphic way for declining to join in the 10:10 carbon reduction program. James Delingpole has a humorous (if that is possible) take down of this revolting piece of propaganda on his blog entitled: "10:10: Who are YOU going to kill to help save the planet?"

But now we have a story about Carleton University refusing pro-life students permission to set up public displays of pictures of abortion on campus. Click here to see Canadian students being led away in handcuffs for attempting to exercise their constitutional liberties and rights in public. In denying their right to free speech, the Leftists who run the university claim that people have a right not to be upset.

So people have a right not to be upset when it comes to abortion. Bloody, graphic pictures are out. But when it comes to Mother Gaia blood and gore are definitely A-OK with the Left. As usual the Left has a double standard.

We can take away several points from this comparison. For one thing, the abortion pictures have shock value and they work, which is a good reason for supporting the Genocide Awareness Project and Carleton Lifeline. The rage on the Left is not caused by a soft-hearted concern for the vulnerable. No, they oppose it because it exposes the ugly truth. Secondly, the Left is not committed to supporting free speech, which means they are undermining the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are a menace to a free society and the fact that they control many Canadian universities is a scandal.

Let no one doubt that the threat to the right to life, free speech and an open society comes not from the right but from the Left.

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