Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Desperate Democratic Attack Backfires, Thanks in Part to the Liberal Media

I smack the mainstream media around on this blog pretty regularly for their obvious, blatant, unprofessional and totally unfair bias toward liberals and progressives and against conservatives. They are biased against Christianity, conservative principles, conservative policies and anybody who dares to take a conservative position. They deserve to be losing the ratings war to Fox News because the majority of Americans are conservative and are fed up with liberal bias.

Having said all that, however, I want to be fair and so from time to time I put up anything I run across that demonstrates balance on the part of the mainstream media. There was a good interview of Alan Grayson a few weeks ago in which the MSNBC interviewer was plainly disgusted by Grayson's distortion of his opponent, Dan Webster's, words in an attack ad. Now we have Chris (I feel a tingle in my leg) Matthews doing a relentless, scornful and passionate take down of Jack Conway's despicable and stupid attack on Rand Paul's Christian faith.

I predict that this tactic will backfire badly on Conway and that Paul will now coast to victory in the Kentucky senate race. Conway looks worse to the conservative Christian voters of Kentucky now than Paul ever could. I hope this is the end of Conway's career in electoral politics. He is an adult and he knew what he was doing. He does not deserve another chance.

By the way, here is Rand Paul's response to Jack Conway in the debate the other night. I suppose Conway thought Paul would just let him get away with this nonsense. If so, he was wrong.

I am not even particularly fond of Rand Paul as far as that goes. He is too libertarian for my tastes and his father is a false conservative - practically an anarchist. Ron Paul's position is where the extreme right meets the extreme left and is not a conservative position at all. I don't know to what extent Rand shares his father's views. It will be interesting to see how that plays out after he is seated in the US Senate.

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