Monday, October 11, 2010

The Real Threat of Islamic Theocracy and the Benign Christian Call for a Return to Traditional American Beliefs

This morning I read two stories which, when juxtaposed, illustrate neatly the schizophrenic character of the contemporary liberal media. They stew, fret and hyperventilate over the non-existent threat of a potential, future, Christian "take-over" of America while calmly and meekly accepting the dictatorship of Islamofascism in the here and now.

First, from Newsreel Blog:
In July we learned of anti-Christian sentiment against Sarah Palin in the media with the Journolist scandal. Leftist fear of Sarah Palin‘s Christianity continues to be a serious problem. Sources prominently held up as credible in the “mainstream” media have a deep fear and hatred of Sarah Palin based on her Christianity alone, and NRB has the video to prove it. bills itself as a voice of “reason” and “moderate” religion that seeks to “slay the dragons of fear” in America. In reality, they provide a textbook example of the Left‘s propensity to accuse conservatives of exactly what they themselves are guilty of. In the video below, you will hear a portion of‘s October 7 BlogTalkRadio program featuring Military Religious Freedom Foundation [MRFF] board member Leah Burton. Burton speaks of how fearful she is of Sarah Palin specifically because of her Christianity.

Conservatives4Palin refers to Leah Burton as a “nutcase” who engages in “vintage fruitloopery“. That seems to be an accurate characterization given Burton’s claim that conservatives who say that America is a “Christian nation” are “extremists” and have a desire to rule America as some sort of protestant Christian theocracy. Nevertheless, MRFF is frequently cited by CNN and other news outlets, including the New York Times, as if they are credible voices.
Nobody I know would want a Christian theocracy for America unless you think that 1950s America was a Taliban-style Christian theocracy. But here is a real live Islamofascist who lives in London, England asserting that the flag of Islam will one day fly over the White House.

Then we have this story about the Washington Post pulling a "Non Sequitur" cartoon that gently mocks the Muslim ban on images of Mohammad by drawing a picture like the "Where's Waldo" ones and answers the question of what is the least likely title for a picture book by suggesting that it is "Where's Mohammad?" You can see the cartoon here. There is no image of Mohammad in the cartoon. I wouldn't even call it "mocking" anybody's faith; it is more like gentle teasing. Yet, it was self-censored by the Washington Post, which is obviously living in fear of Muslim violence.

So, one the one hand we have Christians like Sarah Palin calling for a revival of the Christian beliefs and values that have animated America throughout history and, on the other hand, we have radical, political Islam calling for America to become a theocracy like Iran. And the liberal media is scared by the former and accepting of the latter? That is just plain weird.


LL Burton said...

Interesting twisting of words. Is that really what you hear? No wonder the Bible and the Word of God is so poorly interpreted. And no wonder Christ has His head in His hand wondering just where all this ran off the rails...

As a Mainline Christian I am fearful of extremists...of ANY kind. And yes, that includes our own homegrown extremists who from their own lips profess a goal of reclaiming America for Christ (which it wasn't to begin with); revert the constitution to biblical prinicples; and erode away all secular institutions.

Check out the Constitution Party. The Palin's Alaska Independence Party is the Alaska Chapter of this...

I don't make this up...and they didn't invite my input. Why? Well...frankly, because I do not have to. Check it the research from more than ONE source, and you will find ample evidence. (BTW C4P isn't even on SP's list of reliable reads anymore)

Thank GOD there are 70% of us in this country who appreciate freedom...for ALL...unless you are attempting to dictate your views to the rest of us. the name of Christ

LL Burton said...

Correction: Link to the Constitution Party..

Have a great week!

Craig Carter said...

Jesus Christ is reigning at the right hand of the Father in heaven. He is Lord of the universe and when he returns every eye will see and every knee will bow. His head is not in his hands and nothing is spinning out of his control. Since he is coming to take America and the whole world back from the usurpation of Satan, I wonder if you by any chance think he is an extremist too.

If you knew a bit more history you would know that secular, liberal democracy in the West evolved in a culture infused with Christian principles. It is socialism and other forms of statism that threaten secular, liberal democracy - not conservative Christianity.

Gordon Hackman said...
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