Monday, October 11, 2010

Canada Loses the Right to Free Speech: Tyranny Rules

Watch this shocking video.

This is not Nazi Germany. This is not Stalinist Russia. This is not Castro's Cuba. It is Ottawa, Canada in 2010.

Students are denied their constitutional rights and arrested by the police for attempting to speak out against abortion in a way the officials of the university deemed too upsetting for university students to see. Academic freedom is only for the politically correct; it is not for minority views.

Watch the students confront the police with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and argue logically for free speech and totally stump them. They have no answers or arguments - just guns. The brave young woman doing the talking is a 4th year human rights major. She obviously learned too much!

Let us pray for Canada.

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Peter W. Dunn said...

This video is quite shocking. Especially the ignorance of the Ottawa police to step into a situation and arrest peaceful protesters who had the right to be there by virtue of their being students: it is quite absurd for them to be arrested as trespassers. The young women clearly explains to them that she had the right to be there, and what the University's policy of academic freedom meant. They should simply have backed off and refused to get involved. But the Ottawa police don't know how to protect freedom, but instead have become THUGS for the current regime. That is scary. When Ann Coulter came to Carleton, the police did nothing to stop the protesters, but instead the University canceled her speech. Where was the Ottawa police then? This is appalling.