Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rob Ford is the New Mayor of Toronto

Well, well . . . the conservative Rob Ford is the new mayor of Toronto. Apparently miracles still happen even in leftist enclaves.

I don't know if he will be a better mayor than David Miller, but apparently a plurality of voters thought he couldn't be worse. The very best thing about Ford winning is watching The Toronto Star having to admit that he won - and the Star lost - on the front page this morning.

Why do so many kooky conservative candidates win elections? Maybe it is because the conservatives who try to portray themselves as moderates turn off the conservative voters they need to win while the liberals realize what they are and vote for real liberals. Its something to think about. Let's revisit this theory after Nov. 2. How will the Millers, Angles, Pauls, Bucks, Rubio and Johnsons do in their improbable runs for the US Senate? My hunch is very well.


Dan said...

So then you missed the polls that indicated that Miller would have easily won a third term if he had run?

Craig Carter said...

Your really stretching for a come back, aren't you? I love it.