Monday, October 4, 2010

Eco-fascism and the Culture of Death

As I reported in an earlier post, the radical Greens in the 10:10 movement in the UK shot themselves in themselves in the foot with that little monument to eco-fascism, the short film "No Pressure." When the history of the Green movement is studied a hundred years from now, this little piece will be to the Green movement what Leni Riefenstahl's "The Triumph of the Will" was to Nazism: a perfect icon of the essence of the ideology.

It appears that corporate sponsors are jumping ship from the 10:10 shipwreck:

It looks like Sony and Kyocera Mita have demanded their removal from all associations with the extremist climate group, which produced that exploding schoolchildren video last week. The corporations' names have been removed from the list of partners, and a lengthy post by Sony's point-person on climate change, Naomi Climer, has been deleted from the 10:10 site.

Not only that, but a huge U.S. environmentalist promoter and partner, (headed by Bill McKibben), is no longer listed as an organizational partner. Both 10:10 and 350 have been heavily promoting an October 10 (10/10/10) "global workday" to supposedly bring fresh attention to the global warming threat. The message from's press shop:

We respect 10:10's previous work to encourage companies, schools, and churches to voluntarily cut their carbon emissions 10%. Upon seeing the video, however, we have informed 10:10 that we can no longer remain partners on 10/10/10 or any other initiative. maintains an absolute commitment to nonviolence in word and deed.

I don't think one has to be committed to absolute nonviolence in order to find ruthless, lawless, arbitrary, murder to be reprehensible.

After the mealy-mouthed non-apology issued on Friday when the 10:10 group took down the offensive film only served to stoke the global rage over the hideous and pornography, yet highly revealing, little piece of Green propoganda, the head of the organization, Eugenie Harvey, today issued a more fulsome apology.

But you might want to have your sick bag at the ready when you come to the part where she proffers her lame excuse is that the 10:10 team is "young and creative." As Jean-Francois Revel puts it in his powerful book, Last Exit to Utopia: The Survival of Socialism in a Post-Soviet Era, Marxists (and, let's face it, most Greens have drunk deeply from the Marxist well) are trapped in their ideology and sometimes they forget that the rest of the world thinks murder is unacceptable in the service of ideology. All that is important for Greens, as for Marxists, is that they have "Good Intentions." Everything else is a detail - details like the people ruthlessly blown to bits in the film.

The Green movement is part of the culture of death and therefore they see killing the innocent as part of the solution to social problems. Hence their support for abortion, euthanasia and coercive eugenics. Their promotion of the contraceptive mentality and population control by governments is part of the same anti-humanistic mentality. These people are dangerous and they are powerful. Their propaganda is effective, their fund-raising schemes efficient and their influence is widespread. We need to get them out of our public education system, out of government and out of the administration of universities.

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