Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Totalitarian Face of Socialist Europe

Christina Odone of the Daily Telegraph has an alarming bit of news from Europe, where the unelected, unaccountable, EU bureaucracy continues to screw down the coffin of culture of death ensuring that the last traces of Europe's Christian heritage are eradicated so that nothing will be left to stand in the way of the soft totalitarianism of equality and security. In a post entitled, "Euro-socialists want to shut down hospitals opposed to abortion and euthanasia. It's time to stop them," she writes

Socialists at the Council of Europe (yes, the same entity that brought you the European Convention on Human Rights) have been very busy lately. A Ms Carina Hagg of the Swedish Socialist Group and Ms Christine McCafferty of the UK Socialist Group are scheming to name and shame conscientious objectors in the medical profession who refuse to carry out abortions, hand out birth control devices or engage in euthanasia. McCafferty even suggests that European governments should set up a register of those who will not cut their conscience to suit the fashion of secular socialists.

Conscience, once regarded as a positive asset, is seen by today’s Euro-socialists as a bigot’s charter to block abortion, birth control and euthanasia. Conscientious objection may be a universal human right under international law, but the right to medical intervention – even when it is to end life rather than sustain it – trumps faith every time.

This is dogma, and it is deadly. Conscientious objectors are not fanatics who want to force their religious views down others’ throats: their principled stands often protect the vulnerable, from the octagenarian to the unborn child.

Do you want to live in a world where a doctor cannot refuse to administer the lethal drug to the elderly patient whose gimlet-eyed heirs want out of the way? Where a doctor cannot refuse to terminate the healthy young married woman’s pregnancy, although she makes it clear the baby comes at an inconvenient moment in her career? Yet this is the new world, amoral and irresponsible, that Ms McCafferty seeks to impose on us.
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Remember the good old days of tolerance? Those were the days when Christians ran Europe and socialists were underground. These people make the medieval Inquisition look like a bunch of inefficient bunglers.

They seem to be bent on implementing all the worst features of the old Soviet Union in the name of an knee-jerk, ignorant, anti-Americanism. These days the way you show your hatred of the West is by being anti-American, for Western values have yet to be pushed underground there. And to think that Obama's dream is to make America more like Europe!

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