Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who is Barack Obama?

While visiting the Spengler blog, I was distracted by this article on Barack Obama. Goldman has posted his article from February 2008 "Who is Barack Obama?" as well. This is a stinging indictment of Obama and what he stand for that as compelling as it is frightening. Just one snippet:

Barack Obama is a clever fellow who imbibed hatred of America with his mother’s milk, but worked his way up the elite ladder of education and career. He shares the resentment of Muslims against the encroachment of American culture, although not their religion. He has the empathetic skill set of an anthropologist who lives with his subjects, learns their language, and elicits their hopes and fears while remaining at emotional distance. That is, he is the political equivalent of a sociopath. The difference is that he is practicing not on a primitive tribe but on the population of the United States.
Goldman's analysis is, as I say, compelling and therefore frightening. How much damage can he do to America in the time he has left? It all depends on the outcome of the midterm elections. Conservatives need to gain control of both houses of Congress or at least decisive control of the House of Representative.

Notice, I said "Conservatives" not Republicans. Some Republicans are as useless to the conservative cause as some Democrats are troublesome to the leftist cause.

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