Monday, April 5, 2010

What Catholic Liberals Want: From the Horse's Mouth

I've been referring to liberal Catholics on this blog who want to turn the Roman Catholic Church into just another dying liberal Protestant denomination. Here is a column by James Carroll from the Boston Globe that lays out clearly for all to see what the real agenda is.

Like some forms of Catholic he wants no "paper Pope" (i.e. no authoritative Bible) and like a Protestant he wants no living Pope either. He literally wants no authority in the Church except what the democratic majority of the laity wants at any given time. This is to subordinate the Church to the Spirit of the Age and to render it superfluous since it merely reflects back to the world what the world already knows. It is to surrender to the modern world without a fight and become the evolving religion of the post-Christian sensibilities of those who believe themselves to be masters of their own fate and captains of their own destiny.

He calls Pope Benedict XVI a "fundamentalist" which is laughable. Real Fundamentalists would not be amused to be told that the Pope is one of them. It is only funny, though, until you realize that, for Carroll, anyone who actually believes in basic Christian doctrines that are unpopular in the modern age is a "fundamentalist." The choice is either the embrace of modernity a la The Episcopal Church or being a fundamentalist. Intelligent orthodoxy is an oxymoron for Carroll.

He ends with a call for open rebellion against Rome led by the aging nuns who were recently co-opted by Obama to secure passage of his health care bill. Undoubtedly, schism will come one day - unless the aging hippie, baby-boomer, Spirit of Vatican II, crypto-Protestants die out first. Pope John Paul II's strategy was to wait out the rebels and they grow increasingly frustrated by Benedict's stubborn refusal either to roll over and play dead or die. Expect the rage and hate to increase.

Oh, and one last point, oddly enough there is not a mention of the child sex abuse scandal in this column. Of course not.

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