Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hillary Clinton Only Insults Democratic Allies: But She is Afraid of Putin

The National Post has a great letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton here by Alexander Moens in which he makes some devastating points that reveal that she is basically a hypocrite. Two of the best parts are below:
"First you told your host that Aboriginals should have been at the five-country summit on the Arctic. I am not aware that the United States invites any Native Americans to international governmental meetings. This conservative government as most liberal governments before it typically bend over backwards to accommodate Aboriginal and First Nations concerns. Land, rights, money, status, you name it, Canada cannot give it quickly enough and you are telling us we need to take into account Aboriginal concerns? Where in the history of American relations with its Native Indians do you find ground to critique Canada on this point of public policy?"
Ouch! And then this zinger:
"To top it off, you tell our government that it must not wish to be against abortion in its international policy. Now you are jumping into the deep end of our domestic politics. There are Canadians who agree with Prime Minister Harper on this (I am one of them). Pro-life Canadians get scorned and dismissed in this debate and now the United States has to be added to the list of those telling us that we should not be against abortion? You could not get a resolution from your own Congress backing up what you told Canadians."
Here we see the real point: Clinton does not really speak for America. She is the voice of the loony left which got elected accidentally because (a) many Americans, including those who are routinely slandered as "racist" by the loony left, really wanted an African-American president and (b) Obama dishonestly campaigned as a bi-partisan centrist only to start governing from the extreme left upon assuming power. America will begin to rectify this mistake in Nov. 2010 and will finish the job in Nov. 2012.

We should not be anti-American as long as these insulting characters are not truly representative of our neighbors to the south.

Jennifer Rubin has the Obama foreign policy all figured out - and she is not the only one.

"While Hillary Clinton congratulates herself for the state of U.S.-Israeli relations, she is, for now, on the receiving end of what one might genuinely call an affront. It seems that Vladimir Putin read her the riot act — in front of the onlooking news corps. Oh, yes. ABC News reports:

When reporters traveling with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Moscow were informed that a last-minute meeting with Russia’s Prime Minister Valdimir Putin had been added to the schedule, they were told they would only get to see a few seconds of handshakes before being ushered out.

Instead, with cameras rolling, they watched Putin spend six minutes rattling off a number of complaints he has with the United States.

He barked about trade and scolded her about the 1974 Jackson-Vanik amendment. “Reporters were surprised at the length of Putin’s list of issues and the fact that he did it in front of the Russian and American press corps, a pool reporter noted.” In other words, Putin went out of the way to bully the U.S. Secretary of State in public. Just to show who is boss? And this follows the announcement that, instead of cooperating to isolate Iran, Russia will build a nuclear power plant for the mullahs — an announcement issued to “greet” Hillary.

In short, the Russians have now shown us what resetting the U.S.-Russian relationship means. Putin has figured out that there is no risk — so long as you aren’t a small democratic ally of the U.S. — of incurring the wrath of the Obami. No condemnations or even frowns will be forthcoming. This is, you see, what comes from throwing ourselves at our adversaries’ feet and scorning our allies. Adversaries learn to take advantage of us while friends learn not to trust us."

We Canadians should not trust the Obama administration when they are out of our sight. And if they think that this is the kind of treatment that inclines Canadians to think about extending our troop commitments in Afghanistan they are deluded. What should worry us and the rest of the world is the extent to which America's enemies grow bolder every day thinking they can act with impunity. Out of such situations come tragedies.

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