Thursday, April 22, 2010

No More Hiding Your Libertinism Behind Multiculturalism

Now there is a headline I've been waiting to see for quite some time. In the Globe and Mail yesterday we read:

I'm so tired of while, middle-class, liberals hiding behind the banner of "multiculturalism" in order to justify their institutionalization of the sexual revolution over the wishes of parents.

The fact is that it is the social conservatives who have many cultures on their side. Most Muslims and members of other religions are conservative in sexual morality: it is not some sort of weird pre-occupation of Evangelical Christians. The "liberals" are Western imperialists who seek to impose the relativism of the postmodern West on everybody else.

Let us be honest: it is not a question of "open-minded, multiculturalists" against "narrow, racist, Christian fundamentalists." It is not a religious thing at all. And it is not about being open or closed minded. It is a clash of political ideology versus a traditional way of life that most of us actually like and want to preserve. It is the traditional morality common to all world religions versus the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School that is still on its "long march through the institutions" as it attempts to subvert the middle class and Western society itself.

It is time that traditionalists of all religious banded together to defend our children against the predations of utopian revolutionaries who are out to destroy our way of life. I am willing to make common cause with Canadian Muslims and Orthodox Jews and conservative Roman Catholics and sensible agnostics against them any day of the week.

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