Sunday, April 18, 2010

From Europe to Eurabia

During the past 40 years, two trends have occurred in Europe that are far from unrelated. On the one hand, the political class of Europe has become militantly, unremittingly secular in its thought and, on the other hand, Europe has entered into an historic dialogue with and integration with the Arab world of the Middle East that has raised the profile of Islam in Europe dramatically. Some cynical souls suggest that the two trends may not be entirely unrelated and that European secularism may not be the pure flushing of religion out of the system of the body politic that it purports to be, but rather only the marginalization and elimination of Christianity in preparation for the embrace of Islam.

Many in the political class would be horrified at the suggestion, but the facts on the ground suggest that they protest too much. Here is a paragraph on the Islamification of Rotterdam, which is now well-advanced, in the European journal Chiesa, from an article entitled: "Islam in Europe: In the Casbah of Rotterdam:"
"Chris Ripke is a well-known artist in the city. His studio is near a mosque in Insuindestraat. Shocked in 2004 by the murder of director Theo Van Gogh by an Dutch Islamist, Chris decided to paint an angel on wall of his studio and the biblical commandment "Gij zult niet doden," thou shalt not kill. His neighbors at the mosque found the words "offensive," and called the mayor of Rotterdam at the time, the liberal Ivo Opstelten. The mayor ordered the police to erase the painting, because it was "racist." Wim Nottroth, a television journalist, camped out on the spot in protest. The police arrested him, and his film was destroyed. Ephimenco did the same in his own window: "I put up a big white sheet with the biblical commandment. Photographers came, and the radio. If you can no longer write 'do not kill' in this country, then you are saying that we are all in prison. It is like apartheid, whites living with whites and blacks with blacks. There is a great chill. Islamism wants to change the structure of the country." For Ephimenco, part of the problem is the de-Christianization of society. "When I arrived here, during the 1960's, religion was dying, a unique event in Europe, a collective de-Christianization. Then the Muslims brought religion back to the center of social life. Aided by the anti-Christian elite."
The last sentence sums up the mystery at the heart of the transformation of Europe into a colony of the Muslim world.

At the forefront of the exposure of the actual situation with regard to the Islamification of Europe for the past number of years has been the historian Bat Ye'or, who is the author of the informative Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2005).

The Middle East Information Center has a summary of a speech given by Ye'or to the International Conference on Antisemitism, Multiculturalism and Ethnic Identity held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in January of 2010, entitled "From Europe to Eurabia: New Euro-Arab Judeophobia Bears the Destruction of the West within itself."

In this speech, Ye'or links the anti-Chrisitian and anti-Jewish attitudes of Islam and shows how the two pathologies feed off each other in Europe today. Here is a section in which she lays out her thesis:

"Although there are, of course, antisemites, present Judeophobia is not really a phenomenon of persons and marginal parties. Rather, it is a political and cultural strategy that embraces all countries of the European Union. It is integrated into its ideology, its institutions, network and cogs, and worked out at the highest levels of decision-making and implementation. This new Judeophobia is not aimed at individual Jews – at a population that since the Shoah has become marginal and insignificant on the demographic and political levels. It is expressed through an implacable and disdainful hate for the State of Israel, for what it represents and stands for, and by the glorification of Palestinism which is an ideology for the elimination of the Jews, as in former days of Nazism. This position is anonymous, cynical, secretive and deceitful. In other words, one does not express anti-Jewish racism; one celebrates Palestinism and its jihadist ideology. There is no point in wasting one’s money and one’s energy in trying to prove Israel’s right to exist, or to imagine that this policy stems from ignorance, for it is a coldly calculated programme, worked out in details.

Europe’s anti-Israeli strategy, initiated in the 1970s will not change; it will continue to its conclusion – the destruction of Europe! For there, finally, is the paradox and the pitfall. This new Judeophobia is in fact inseparable from Europe’s longterm policy of fusion with the Arab world which includes the mass immigration from Muslim countries, with the demographic, sociological, political and religious changes that come with it. Such changes are not the result of chance but of a planned and intended strategy which unfolding can be followed in the texts of the numerous Euro-Arab conferences. I have called this transformation of Europe “Eurabia”. [my bolding]

Europe is Christianity and Christianity is Europe. To destroy one is to destroy the other and that is what is now happening.

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