Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pro-lifer Jailed For Her Witness

This story is from There are now three Christians in jail in Canada for civil disobedience relating to the witness for life. We must expect more of this in the future as the darkness descends. No change as radical as the halting of the slaughter of the unborn will ever happen without prayer, sacrifice and radical witness including civil disobedience.

We need to pray for those brave souls who are called to this radical witness to life. The story is below:
Mary Wagner from the Vancouver, British Columbia area has spent the past four years discerning her vocation in a Catholic convent in France, which she says she felt called to leave in order to share Jesus' love with those involved with abortion – a calling that has most recently landed her in a Toronto prison.
On Monday, March 29, during Holy Week, Mary entered the "Woman's Care" abortion facility where she said she was able to "speak to a few grieving Dads, whose partners had already gone in for their abortions, and let them know about project Rachael, a support system for post abortion parents."

She also had opportunity to talk to some of the waiting mothers, but she said they seemed already committed in their hearts to the deed they had undertaken.

"The darkness there was palpable," Mary observed.

After 45 minutes Mary said the police arrived and escorted her away from the facility.

On Tuesday, March 30, Mary again went to witness to life, this time to the "Choice in Health" abortion center, where she said she was able to talk directly to the owner of the abortuary and to counsel women, abortion workers, and police for nearly 45 minutes before she was carried away by officers.

Mary said that her arrest was not difficult, and that the officers allowed a priest visiting a local parish, Father O'Hara from Wisconsin, to give her a special blessing before she was taken away.

She was subsequently put into a police car and taken to the 11th Division Toronto Police Station where she was locked in a cell. She was not released because she wouldn't agree to the conditions of her release that stipulated staying away from abortion clinics.

On Wednesday, March 31, Mary had a bond hearing to set a trial date. As of April 1, her first court date will be April 15 at 9am.

She is now detained as a pro-life prisoner of conscience at the Vanier Women's Detention Center. This is the same location where Canadian pro-life heroine Linda Gibbons is being held on similar charges.

Readers are encouraged to write letters of support to Mary Wagner, as well as continuing to write to Linda Gibbons.

The address is: Vanier Centre for Women, 665 Martin St., Milton, Ontario, L9T 5E6

"May the grace, mercy and peace of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit be upon Mary as she continues her witness inside the prison. May her sincere and humble witness melt the hard hearts of those who uphold the laws permitting the murder of so many innocents. Through Jesus our Lord. Amen."

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