Monday, April 12, 2010

Sex Selection Abortion in Canada

Whoa, talk about "blinded by your extreme ideology." This is unbelievable. If you don't think current feminist dogma is wild, read on.

Yesterday I posted on a gut-wrenching story by Peter Hitchens: "Gendercide in China: the Grief and the Sadness." Then I came across this story on the problem of sex selection in Canada in the National Post in which two medical experts make a very modest suggestion that maybe we should consider doing what BC already does and not tell the mother the sex of her baby until later in the pregnancy when getting an abortion would be more difficult.

Well, you would think mobs were marching on Parliament Hill with pitchforks demanding that Canada be turned into a Margaret Atwood novel inspired anti-woman dystopia immediately.

They asked Joyce Arthur, the head of something called the "Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada" to comment and here is what she said (and I am not making this up!):
"To restrict people's freedoms, withholding information in that way, I think is unethical and unnecessary and is not going to prevent anything," Ms. Arthur said. "It's a little bit paternalistic and authoritarian."
There shall be no restriction of any woman's right to have an abortion under any circumstances in any way shape or form forever and ever amen - even if it means that every single woman is aborted and there is nobody left to have abortions.

This is what passes for feminism in Canada today. Again, I wonder, just why do feminists hate women so much?

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Naomi said...

Hey Dr. Carter...
I just read this post out loud to my whole office. Love the last line.