Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tea Party, the New York Times and Fascism

The New York Times has a story here on the Tea Party. Of course it is focused on the demographic make-up of the movement rather than what it stands for or is saying. If you want to see a story on the ten main planks or policies of the Tea Party, you can go here, as if anybody cared.

The liberal media has constructed a narrative going all the way back to the Town Hall meetings last summer in which the only people who could possibly be against Obama's "expand the welfare state" agenda must be white racists and extremists.

Now that the Tea Party gains the support of 24% of the American people, will the liberal media continue to label 24% of the population white, racist and extremist? Really, if there are that many neo-Nazis and white supremacist militia members, you would think the American Government would have been overthrown by now.

Anyway, the NYT story contains some interesting facts. For example, the average Tea Party member is better educated than the average American and wealthier, perhaps because they are on average older. They sound pretty much like conservative Republicans from all parts of the country and their views are held by many Independent voters as well. For all its trying, the NYT was not able to dig up anything really extremist about their views.

They do tend to take the Constitution as authoritative until changed, instead of being a mere symbol that can be interpreted in any way that the current majority wishes. Does that make them Fascists? It actually makes them a bulwark against fascism and communism.

Hmmm. . . you don't suppose? Nah. . . it couldn't be. That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the liberal media hates them so much. No, it couldn't be that. You think?

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