Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Anti-Scientific Gender-Neutral Delusion

ProWomanProLife has a quote from Margaret Wente in the Globe and Mail today:
I do have one objection to the way sex ed is taught in schools. It is so scrupulously gender-neutral that it ignores the fundamental differences between teenage boys and girls. Boys want sex, all the time. Girls want relationships. It’s hardwired into their biology. The more that girls absorb this cruel fact of life, the better off they’ll be. Teenage girls need to learn that having sex as freely as guys do is not necessarily empowering. In fact, it’s a lot more empowering if they don’t.
There is a lot of common sense in this quote and you could unpack it into a whole series of arguments against the whole sexual revolution.

The key? Gender-neutral. It sounds so egalitarian, so fair, so empowering . . . so utterly stupid. Get rid of the "Gender-Neutral Delusion" and a lot of social problems could be at least addressed.

It is not "social conservatives" or "the Judeo-Christian moral tradition" that the Gender-Neutral crowd really has a problem with. Those are just scapegoats and boogy men. The real enemy of the Gender-Neutral Culture Warriors is Science. They are banging their head on a rock trying to get everybody to pretend that men and women are the same.

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