Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tolerance, Bridge-Building, Dialogue: OK, Let's Have Some!

Imam Rauf claims he is a "moderate" and wants to "build bridges." But so far his project has polarized America, stirred up antipathy to Islam and made enemies out of neighbors. It doesn't exactly sound like a smashing success so far, does it? Maybe he needs a little advice on what Americans would consider "moderate" when it comes to religion.

Camie Davis at American Thinker shows what a real moderate Muslim would look like.
Now that Imam Rauf is back from his goodwill tour across the Middle East, I have a quick question for him. Is the bridge he's building a one-way street or a two-way street?
If it's a two-way street promoting religious tolerance, then I can only assume he'll be packing soon for a goodwill tour part II. After all, there are a few other places to extend that ever-talked-about bridge in order to further spread his message of religious tolerance.

Stop one: Gaza. Perhaps Imam Rauf could tell the women in Gaza that it's not a good idea for them to celebrate and pass out candy to children upon hearing that Hamas murdered four Jews. And while he's at it perhaps he could tell Hamas to become a little more tolerant of the Jews' existence.

Stop two: Jerusalem. The Imam could set-up a charity for the eight Jewish children who were orphaned after their parents were murdered by Hamas. It's likely the Imam has many oil-rich, moderate Muslim friends who would jump at the chance of making a statement against terrorism by supporting the victims of terror.

While in Jerusalem, the Imam could also check on the status of the planned Jewish "community center," that Jews want to build on the Temple Mount. After all, there can never be too many places of worship or community centers. However, until Park Project 5771 in Jerusalem is complete, the Imam could at least go to bat for Jews who are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount.

Stop three: Iraq. I feel certain that the Christian women and young girls in Iraq, who are being systematically raped by Muslims, would welcome the Imam speaking about religious tolerance on their behalf.
Read the rest here. Instead of blaming America for 9/11 and hanging out with people who claim that 9/11 was an inside job by the US government, maybe Imam Rauf could focus on promoting tolerance among violent, extremist, terrorist types and their theological advisers and enablers.

Now Rauf is blaming Sarah Palin for stirring up hatred of Muslims. He is obviously going to the mat for liberal support. What is next? Channel Saudi oil money to Democratic candidates? Facilitate a terrorist attack on an Alaska pipeline?

But the inconvenient truth here is that Sarah Palin speaks for the majority of Americans (polls range between 63 an 71% of the country) and President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg speaks for a minority of radical, liberal elitists. My sense is that Muslims who are used to watching European elites roll over and play dead as they push the envelope are discovering that Americans are not so inclined to sit down and shut up while their country is occupied and humiliated.

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