Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leftist Hypocrisy on Religious Liberty

Leftists who cry crocodile tears over the supposed lack of commitment to the First Amendment and the principle of religious freedom in the face of opposition to the building of a Muslim monument to a great victory of Jihad at Ground Zero do not impress me as sincere in any way.

Take Mayor Bloomberg for example. Here he is doing his best imitation of a liberal committed to religious liberty:
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, while supporting Rep. Joe Sestak for Senate, tells Fox 29 News why he's supporting a mosque proposed for two block from Ground Zero.

Bloomberg told Fox 29, "I believe the government should stay out of religion. I think that the First Amendment protects all of us. We have a right to say what we want to say in this country, which you don't elsewheres in the world. We have a right to pray to whomever we want in anyways we want and I think anywheres we want. And I think that government should not dictate that a mosque or a temple or a church could be built in one place. And if you really care about your religion, you should want to keep the government out of it."

Now, when leftists like Bloomberg start fighting for religious freedom as a principle that applies to all, rather than just to certain trendy, leftist-approved victim groups such as Muslims, then I will be impressed.

At a time when students are being expelled from graduate programs in public universities because of their sincerely-held belief that homosexual behavior is morally wrong and faculty are being fired for teaching the true fact that the Roman Catholic Church believes that homosexuality is wrong, where is the leftist commitment to the principle of religious freedom when we need it? When Mayor Bloomberg begins to support the right of conservative Jews and Christians to exercise their freedom of religion - and not just Muslims - then and only then I will cease to call him a hypocrite. And, of course, it is not just Bloomberg. It is Obama, the Clintons, the liberal Protestants and the rest of the Ruling Class who meekly submit to Muslims terrorist demands not to print images of Mohammed while sternly enforcing Christian submission to secuarlist ideology by force.

People who have used the First Amendment to drive prayer out of public schools, justify abortion on demand, redefine marriage, and deny religious conservatives the same right as everyone else to speak in the public square have no business polluting the principle of religious liberty with their grubby hands.

It is ironic that the Ground Zero Inman, who appears to be a shake-down artist who specializes in milking the Federal Government for money, was on a State Department sponsored trip to the Middle East while the controversy raged. Leftists apparently see nothing wrong with the government funding Islam while persecuting Christians and Jews. This is the rank hypocrisy.

All Americans should be offended and scandalized when the precious and noble principles upon which the greatest free nation on earth was built are hijacked by leftists who don't believe in them for the purpose of practicing dhimmitude or submission to Islamic Supremacists.

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