Saturday, September 4, 2010

Radical Secular Feminism is Oppressive

Here is a summary of a recent survey that has generated quite a bit of comment on the net by Collette Caprara at The Foundry:

Belying the image of the “liberated” working mother, a recent National Review Online commentary cites research by Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, showing that, for the vast majority married moms, the workplace is not the top choice of where they want to spend their days.

In reviewing data from the 2000 National Survey of Marriage and Family Life, Wilcox found that only 18 percent of married women with children said they would prefer to work full-time, in contrast to 46 percent who would prefer to work part-time and 36 percent who said that they would prefer to stay at home. In addition, among married moms who were working full-time, nearly 75 percent said they would rather work fewer hours or not at all.

A bevy of sociological studies show that the mother’s intuition regarding what is best for her children is on the mark. Research throughout the last two decades reveals that children who attend day care centers are more likely to exhibit problem behavior and poor social skills than those being cared for by their parents. Furthermore, the children’s problem behavior is more pronounced the younger they are when they enter day care and the more hours they spend in center care each week.

So we have approximately 18% of women wanting to work full-time and we have plenty of empirical evidence confirming the mother's intuition of the majority that mothers raising their own children is good for children, good for families and good for society. But radical, secular Feminism (i.e. second wave Feminism starting in the 1960s) insists that society must be restructured in such a way as to force as many women into the workforce as possible. This is why secular, radical Feminism is fundamentally oppressive.

Feminism hurts women by dictating to all women that they must conform to the social ideals of the Feminist minority whether they like it or not. So we have tax laws that penalize stay-at-home moms. We have relentless, widespread propaganda from the media that if 50% of the legislature is not female then we have a serious social problem and that women who want to stay home with their children are losers. Feminism does not believe that individual women should make her own choice because individual women are stupid and do not realize that the only path to personal fulfillment is working for strangers while leaving their children to be raised by strangers.

Feminism hurts children by separating them from their mothers at a time in their lives when they need parental love, supervision, nurture and discipline. Feminism also promotes the divorce culture, which is driven by the modern quest for personal fulfillment through individual choice. Feminism destroys families and we must realize that this effect is not an accident; rather, it is central to the program of Feminism. The family being destroyed is progress! This is what it means today to be a "Progressive."

Feminism is essentially collectivist in that it does not trust individuals to know what is best for them and sincerely believes that we need a nanny state guided and directed by "progressive" bureaucrats who desire to destroy gender and the family as the basis of society.

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