Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Compendium of the Best of Postmodern Theology

In this episode of "Authors Today" Kirkwood Derby interviews that well-known liberal theologian, Standford Nutting, editor of the new volume: A Compendium of the Best of Postmodern Theology.

Amazingly, Standford Nutting is becoming so famous that he now has his own Facebook page with over 10,000 views. Now, you too can be friends with a famous liberal theologian!

Apparently there has been some confusion over Standford Nutting's denomination. He claims to be part of the Church of the Whatever, but that may just be a nickname. Supposedly, he is Roman Catholic but rumor has it that The Episcopal Church claims him as one of their own and plans to make him a bishop, not having yet caught on that it is all a spoof!

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