Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apparently They Don't Call Them "Orthodox" for Nothing!

Well, in a speech at Lambeth Palace Metropolitan Hillarion of the Russian Orthodox Church blasted the heresy, worldliness and immorality running rampant throughout Western Anglicanism with the Archbishop of Canterbury sitting in the audience. David Virtue reports:
In a groundbreaking address at Lambeth Palace before the Nicean Club that included the Archbishop of Canterbury, Russian Metropolitan Hilarion blasted those parts of the Anglican Communion experimenting with sexual innovations saying they threatened continuing dialogue with the Orthodox Church.

In surprise remarks that observers say embarrassed Dr. Williams, Hilarion ripped Western Anglican liberals who have deviated from heterosexual marriage calling it "an abyss that divides traditional Christians from Christians of liberal trend."

The Patriarch praised "traditionalists", especially in the South and the East, saying the recent 2nd All African Bishops' Conference held in late August had it right when they affirmed the Biblical standard of the family as marriage between a man and a woman as its foundation. "One of the purposes of marriage is procreation of children some of whom grow to become the leaders of tomorrow," he said.

"Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to speak of 'Christianity' as a unified scale of spiritual and moral values, universally adopted by all Christians. It is more appropriate, rather, to speak of 'Christianities', that is, different versions of Christianity espoused by diverse communities.

"All current versions of Christianity can be very conditionally divided into two major groups - traditional and liberal. The abyss that exists today divides not so much the Orthodox from the Catholics or the Catholics from the Protestants as it does the 'traditionalists' from the 'liberals'.

"Some Christian leaders, for example, tell us that marriage between a man and a woman is no longer the only way of building a Christian family: there are other models and the Church should become appropriately 'inclusive' to recognize alternative behavioral standards and give them official blessing. Some try to persuade us that human life is no longer an absolute value; that it can be terminated in a mother's womb or that one can terminate one's life at will. Christian 'traditionalists' are being asked to reconsider their views under the slogan of keeping abreast with modernity.

"Among the vivid indications of disagreement within the Anglican Community (I am reluctant to say 'schism') is the fact that almost 200 Anglican bishops refused to attend the 2008 Lambeth Conference. I was there as an observer from the Russian Orthodox Church and could see various manifestations of deep and painful differences among the Anglicans."

Heresy absent

"Today the notion of heresy, while present in church vocabulary, is manifestly absent from the vocabulary of contemporary politically-correct theology - a theology that prefers to refer to "pluralism" and to speak of admissible and legitimate differences," he opined.

"Indeed, St Paul himself wrote that 'there have to be differences among you to show which of you have God's approval' (1 Cor. 11:19). But what kind of differences was he referring to? Certainly not those which concerned the essence of faith, church order or Christian morals. For, in these matters, there is only one truth and any deviation from it is none other than heresy."

Dialogue Threatened

"Today the Orthodox-Anglican Dialogue itself has come under threat. It is especially lamentable because this dialogue has had a long and rich history, beginning with the numerous talks at various levels held between Orthodox and Anglicans from the 17th century.

Hilarion voiced concerns about the fate of this dialogue. "We appreciate the proposal Archbishop Rowan Williams made this year to exclude from the dialogue those Anglican churches which failed to observe the moratorium on the ordination of open homosexuals. But we regard this proposal as not quite sufficient to save the dialogue from an approaching collapse. The dialogue is doomed to closure if the unrestrained liberalization of Christian values continues in many communities of the Anglican world.

"We are equally concerned about the fate of bilateral relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Church of England," he stated.
Read it all here. The Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church of the US have reduced themselves to the status of liberal Protestant sects and abandoned true catholicity and orthodoxy. The Church of England seems to have committed itself to the same path to irrelevance irrevocably. Now it reaps what it has sown. Sure Williams must be embarassed, but how could he be surprised?

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