Monday, September 6, 2010

A Sign of the Times: The "Messiah" Begins to Wobble

Barack Obama was elected because he campaigned as a centrist who would unify the country. Unlike Ronald Reagan, who also campaigned that way and then actually did it, Obama proceeded to govern from the extreme left as a representative of the New Left that became a powerful bloc in the Democratic Party in the early 1970s and then took over the Party during the Bush years.

He has divided the country and lost the independents on whose support all presidents depend. He has been so inept that he has made people speculate with a straight face that maybe he is trying to destroy American exceptionalism on purpose. Clearly, he would like to transform America into a highly secularized European-style social democracy. And the fact that that is his goal seems to be, in the estimation of many, to be due to the reality that the "People's Republic of America" simply is out of reach in the near future.

I predicted at the beginning of 2010 that by the end of 2010 there would be talk of Hillary Clinton challenging Obama for the nomination in 2012. Here is the first TV ad calling for Hillary in 2012.

I stand by my prediction that there will be "talk" of this happening but I now think the likelihood of it actually happening is going up by the week. If the Democrats lose both the House and the Senate in November, I think it is certain to happen. Respected pollster Charlie Cook is now saying that the possibility of the Democrats losing the Senate is "plausible." Sean Trende is talking about the possibility of the Republicans pulling off the greatest mid-term victory in American history of up to 80-100 seats. Larry Sabato is predicting a net gain of 47 House and 8 Senate seats, but acknowledges that Republicans have an "outside shot" of winning control of the Senate too.

Somewhere in a plane over some foreign country or other, Hillary Clinton is smiling.

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