Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Dangerous Radical Who Must Be Destroyed!

My suggestions for copy for the next Democratic attack ad against Christine O'Donnell. I'm trying to think of how they could push the envelope just a bit further.

The GOP has gone too far this time. This hotbed of radicals and extremists has acted irresponsibly and its actions pose a threat to the Republic. All moderate and reasonable must grab their pitchforks and torches and ride the buses to Delaware immediately. Our liberties are at stake!

Forget minor little issues over which reasonable people can agree to disagree like health care costs, out-of-control government spending, spiraling deficits, a double-dip recession, high unemployment or the trashing of the Constitution. We can worry about those things later. America faces its greatest challenge in Delaware.

Rally behind the comforting and moderate Marxist who Harry Reid calls "My Pet" and "My Favorite Candidate." Remember that nothing but Chris Coons stands between you and the election of a monster who makes Hitler look kind and gentle, a Genghis Khan without table manners, one of the Undead who performs Satanic rituals involving drinking the blood of Democratic babies at midnight every full moon.

This demonic monster from the depths cannot be shown mercy for she represents all that evil and filthy and disgusting in America. She epitomizes and embodies pure, unadulterated evil. It would be no crime to strangle such a dictator with guts of the last priest.

Christine O'Donnell is her name and she must be stopped. Why?

Because she stands for ugh, I can't make myself say it, ugh - sexual . . . . purity. Gag . . . Sputter . . . Choke . . .

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