Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The UN's Racist "Anti-Racism" Conference Blows Up

As I predicted, the UN conference (Durban II) currently going on in Switzerland has become a farce. Canada, Australia, the US, Italy, and five other countries boycotted the conference because it was being set up as a way of isolating Israel and focussing on Israel's so-called "racism" (meaning that they dare to want a homeland like everyone else). Nothing is to be said about Muslim slavers in Africa or anti-Semitism around the world or the plight of Christians who have no freedom of religion in Islamic states. No, it was just a focus on the "crimes" of Israel. So basically the UN creates a mechanism and provides a forum for anti-Semites like the presdent of Iran to attack Israel with impunity under the guise of battling global racism. George Orwell, himself, could not have made this up.

On the first day, Iran's Holocaust denier in chief, the only head of state to attend the conference, made a speech attacking Israel. It was, fittingly, the 120th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler. It was only surprising that they omitted to sing the Horst Wessel song before and after the speech.

But the most amazing thing happened. When he got into his holocaust denial spiel, the delegates from the rest of the European Union got up and walked out. That is right - they walked out. And they didn't even ask permission from anyone. They just did it. How long has it been since the Europeans actually let the Muslim world know that they disapprove of their anti-Semitic nonsense? It was a miracle. It certainly was a dramatic and effective way for the world to be made aware of the hateful, disgusting, anti-Jewish views of the head of a thugish and repressive regime.

But it was a sad day for the UN and has created good reason for all people of good will everywhere to question its legitimacy and efficacy. The US has been criticized for witholding funding from the UN. In the wake of this debacle, they should simply declare that they will not fund the UN at all in future until it reforms itself and ceases to be a platform for racist dictators who wish to use it to further their genocidal policies. The world needs a UN, but it would be better off without the current one. Rather than trying to clean up the world, it is time for the UN to clean itself up.

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