Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's Pro-abortion Agenda in the First 100 Days

Barack Obama's pro-abortion agenda plowed ahead in the first 100 days of his administration. Despite a recession and two wars, abortion issues were front and center of his priorities. A December report from over 50 pro-abortion agencies outlining the abortion industry's priorities for the new administration lists 15 major priorities for the first 100 days. The Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life feminist organization issued a press release that details how 10 of these 15 priorities have been accomplished by the Obama administration. The press release says:

“President Barack Obama spoke of finding ‘common ground’ on abortion policy, but abortion advocates groups clearly have an open door,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “It’s only been 100 days, but President Obama has managed to check off ten of the fifteen demands of the abortion industry. This is the most aggressive, pro-abortion administration in decades."

She should have said "the most agressive, pro-abortion administration ever." Those Evangelicals and Catholics who voted for him because they bought the line that he was an abortion moderate seeking common ground were deceived and used and now the evidence is in to demonstrate that fact. Not one measure has been proposed by Obama to reduce the number of abortions, while ten have been introduced to increase the number of abortions.

Those who voted for Obama because they disagreed with Bush's war in Iraq can see that absolutely nothing has changed on that front. The war in Afghanistan is being expanded by Obama and the timetable for troop withdrawal in Iraq is dependent on circumstances beyond the control of the administration, whether it is Republican or Democratic. So nothing changes on the war front, but the promotion of abortion in the US and around the world gets ramped up. this is, unfortunately, exactly what I predicted would happen. I am unhappy to be right in this case.

The net result is an increase in violence and more unnecessary bloodshed. Those who claimed to be voting for Obama for moral reasons are now revealed to be dupes. There were no perfect choices in the last election and there will be none in the next election. But we have taken a giant step backward on the most pivotal moral issue of our day: the issue of legalized private killing in the name of choice.

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Katherine said...

The loss of innocent life from these abortion measures, fundamentally to ensure the "freedom" of another who has decided that the normal consequences of life are too much to bear, will far outweigh the loss of trained soldiers who will die for the cause of freeing a nation that has been oppressed.