Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Blogs I Like to Read

The Front Porch Republic is a thoughtful blog with excellent short essays from a real conservative (i.e. not neoconservative) point of view. It is about loyalty to place and tradition and how mass culture, advertising and consumerism cheapen our lives.

The Crunchy Con by Rod Dreher, an editorial writer with the Dallas Morning News is one of many blogs named after a book. Dreher, who became Orthodox as an adult, is witty, perceptive and on top of many contemporary social and moral issues. He combines an interest in environmental sustainability with a commendable interest in human sustainability.

Mark Shea writes Catholic and Enjoying It and he makes me laugh more often than anyone in the blogosphere. I guess his "half-cynical, but I didn't really mean it, only I really did" sense of humor appeals to me. He mercilessly mocks anyone who dares to mess with Pope Benedict XVI, which is better than what they deserve.

If you want in-depth analysis of controversial ethical and political issues, you simply must read the recently launched Public Discourse. It is thought-provoking and somewhat demanding of readers. Good for them.

Thomas Peters writes American Papist and it is a must-read if you are interested in what is going on in American Catholic circles. The photos of the Pope and Peters' captions are always worth a chuckle.

A number of Canadian women have a very good group blog called ProWomanProLife. They write about Canadian issues, which is nice for a change and they take no guff. (Check out their "People for the Ethical Treatment of People T-shirts!)

Zenit, the world seen from world, is all over Vatican affairs and the papacy. It is more of a new service than a blog, although it carries interpretive articles as well as new stories.

What's Wrong With the World is a group blog that includes Francis Beckwith and Edward Fesor. It delights in being politically incorrect and is never afraid to challenge modernity and all its devices.

One other site I frequent, which is not technically a blog, but functions as one in many ways, is Virtue on Line. This is the site to keep up with what is going on in the Anglican Communion. He is so bluntly honest and straight-forward, it is hard to believe he is an Anglican.

Damian Thompson of the Daily Telegraph has a great blog called Holy Smoke. It is one of the few blogs I read for the comments as much as for the posts. It is a great way to stay on top of religion in the UK. I read the Times of London for the "establishment view" and then I read Damian for a summary of the views of the loyal opposition.

Red and Honey is the blog of my wonderful daughter, Beth, who is funny and honest about faith, homemaking and family. She has a BA in Philosophy, which she is putting to good use raising Isaac. Good job on both fronts Beth! (i.e. blogging and mothering).

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