Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Iowa and Theocracy

Liberals throughout the Bush era turned all shades of pink railing against what they called theocracy and the danger of the Religious Right. Theocracy means rule by God. Since many of these liberal did not believe in God, their real problem was that Christians who did believe in God might sieze power, abolish democracy and impose a theocratic regieme on all the poor, persecuted atheists. So the essence of their objection to what they called "theocracy" was that it was undemocratic rule of the few over the many - supposedly.

I say "supposedly" because it is now clear that liberals actually have no problem with the undemocratic rule of the few over the many. That silence you may have noticed is the liberals failing to rant and rave against the ursapation of power by seven unelected Iowans over their fellow Iowans as they imposed their religious beliefs concerning same sex marriage on a state that is against it by a margin of 62-28%. Is this "theocracy"? It certainly is not democracy.

So why are liberals not outraged, frothing and rioting in the streets against this ruling? Hmm . . . I wonder, could it be that they are not against theocracy as long as it is their god who is ruling? The god of individual choice and unbridled hedonism, the god of freedom defined as freedom from all traditional restrictions on behaviour.

Maybe theocracy is inevitable. Maybe it is just a question of which God: Yahweh or Molech, the God of Israel or the "gods" of the nations, the True God or demons working through idols. Maybe it is just a matter of competing theocracies. To the people of Iowa: Welcome to Theocracy - Liberal Style.

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